ICAM started in 1946, when Silvio Agostoni with his wife Carolina Vanini and his brothers-in-law created a small factory in Lecco, with the aim of making available to all families a product which until then had been considered a luxury item. To this day the company is managed by members of the family, who still bring to the business the same passion as the founders.

ICAM rapidly reached industrial dimensions, while remaining the expression of Italian excellence in chocolate making, thanks to a unique competence covering the whole chain of cocoa processing. Each phase is controlled by ICAM’s experts: from the search for exclusive cocoa plantations, to the selection of the raw materials, to the development of highly specialized know how and state-of-the-art technology. ICAM is present where the cocoa is grown, in order to provide growers with the knowledge, tools and methods.

ICAM strives to offer genuinely healthy chocolate, while always remaining attentive to new consumer trends and dietary requirements, with care taken to meet particular needs, such as those of consumers following a sugar, milk or gluten free diet.

ICAM can be highly proud of its range of Grands Crus and Single Origin chocolates, which use cocoa from selected plantations in the Dominican Republic, peru, Madagascar and Ecuador.

ICAM is also the first chocolate making company who rose to the challenge of “going organic”. More than abstaining from the use of chemical and microbiological treatments, each step of the process is carried out using natural methods and respecting natural timescales.

ICAM is also very committed ethically speaking, a choice which was formalized by the company’s entry onto the Fair Trade Register. ICAM guarantees farmers a fair price, long-term purchase contracts and a margin to be invested in social and healthcare projects. By improving farming practices, the cooperation between ICAM and growers has brought tangible results in terms of yield stability, raising both the quality and the quantity of the production. ICAM is also part of the Rainforest Alliance Programme, which certifies companies committed to low-environmental-impact production.